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Use Our Services to Keep Your Surroundings Spotlessly Clean and Germ-Free Cost-Efficiently


Communal areas of residential buildings and offices alike see a lot of foot traffic resulting in the area looking dirty quickly. However, with our tailored contract cleaning services, you can easily prevent your surrounding from containing waste, dirt, or debris.


No matter what your cleaning needs may be, we have you covered.


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At That Maintenance Company, we offer a wide variety of top-notch and affordable services delivered by our fully-insured, professionally-trained, and background checked staff members. We provide a first-class service and continually strive to improve.

Communal Cleaning

Communal Cleaning

Make a lasting impression

Your communal area is the first impression for guests and potential residents, make sure that it is a lasting one. Our experienced communal cleaners will come to clean your communal area and provide you with consistently superior cleaning services as required.


We work with numerous managing agents, privately managed buildings and housing associations, providing them with high-quality and reliable cleaning maintenance services.

Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning

Carpet and Hard Floor Cleaning

Deep Clean for a Fresh Look and Prolonged Carpet Life

Cut down on the amount of potentially harmful and hidden moulds and bacteria clinging onto your carpets. We can deep clean your carpet for a fresh and new look. Besides this, carpet cleaning can also prolong your carpet's life—keeping your investment safe for years to come. We also have a wealth of experience in hard floor cleaning and polishing. Our expert services can help you reduce markings and severe damages to your hardwood flooring otherwise caused by neglect.

Specialist Cleaning Bio-Hazard Cleaning/Fogging

Specialist Cleaning Bio-Hazard Cleaning/Fogging

Specialist Cleaning Service with an Effective and Rapid Response

We are experts at end of production cleaning and disinfection. We can provide you with complete room or property disinfection biohazard cleaning services to thoroughly disinfect hard to reach areas. Specialising in chemical fogging, we apply chemical disinfectants to production areas where fog and mist are used to reduce airborne microorganisms. This equipment supersaturates the atmosphere with a disinfectant fog keeping the surroundings clean.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Get a Clear View of the World Outside

Experts in reach and wash services, our specialist window cleaners use the best products to clear through grime, pollutants, and dirt that accumulates all too easily on internal and external windows. We have access to an advanced reach and wash window cleaning system. This system has the potential to reach up to 60 feet +.

Waste Removals

Waste Removals

Remove Large Waste Conveniently

Benefit from our same-day and on-demand clearance services. So whether you are having an office clearance, renovating your home, or carrying out landscaping of your lawn, we can provide you with a reliable, eco-friendly, and convenient waste removal service.

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Our dedicated teams are ready to deliver you the consistently high standard of cleaning you require.


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